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In today’s entertainment industry, many clients are looking for the best deal in terms of price, quality in performance and the so call X factor in terms of looks of the band for hire. The front line has to have a certain appeal and the rhythm section for live bands has to be strong and play clean as it is said in our industry. Having the total package as a band for hire allows musicians to gain work constantly no matter what nationality they are, as most contracts in Asia for hotels run from three (3) to six (6) months and in Korea they can be for one (1) year.

Talents For Asia understands that being a promotional platform for bands and or musicians for hire is being able to be a bridge that allows the client and the particular band for hire to attain the best deal possible. To elaborate; the musicians seek simple yet safe and comfortable accommodations, decent food and internet connection with laundry provided. All these request are reasonable considering they work six (6) days a week and the job can take its toll on them, thus having some creature comforts only allows them to perform better as their mental state is always focused on the job when everything else is taken care of.

Bands for hire generally don’t demand if they are Filipino bands for hire, they are pretty happy to work with what is offered but only stress on minimal creature comforts to ease the stress and demands of the job. Talents For Asia, works in tandem with the client to reach the best possible arrangements within all legal frame works to ensure that both parties are in a winning situation.

Unlike other agencies where the agency fee can go as high as an additional person’s salary or even thirty percent (30%) of the total contract value, bands for hire at Talents For Asia’s platform can be booked with no cost to the client. This is because at Talents For Asia we charge the musicians a maximum of One Hundred (100 USD) United States Dollars per person per month and not more then that. We do this as a way to ease the burden of potential and current clients when it comes to the bottom line.

Why we charge the musicians is simply because we are a promotional platform for the Musicians, and they only pay Talents For Asia when they go to work and for the duration of the contract to which they have been hired for, this also includes any and all extensions on the contract. Talents For Asia is not a full agency and as such does not provide any financial support or aid to bands it promotes as the contracts of employment are signed between employer and employee directly. However Talents For Asia does follow up weekly or by – weekly on the welfare of the bands for hire and thus provides advice and consultative solutions to help the client understand the position of the particular band for hire  as well as to help the musicians understand the position of the booking client.

This service thus changes the booking industry for musicians and bands for hire because it dramatically reduces the cost to employing clients as well as provides musicians with a wider avenue to get hired. To provide a simple analogy, Talents For Asia is striving to become what Job Street is to the general employment market. Talents For Asia simply focuses only on Entertainment. Thus bands for hire need not worry about having to be tied down with a long contract when working with Talents For Asia as there is only a commission agreement to be signed when the band is gainfully employed and it last for the duration of the contract. This helps reduce also liabilities of the musicians as the said band for hire will not fell obliged and or in debt to Talents For Asia.

It is our hope that our service will eventually be come recognized beyond the boundaries of Asia and providing bands for hire globally will bee the future of this Internet Based Service Brand.

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